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Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection

The Port Lands Flood Projection Project is about taking action to protect Toronto’s southeastern downtown area. Right now, in an extreme weather event, floodwaters from the Don River would overwhelm portions of the Port Lands, South Riverdale and Leslieville. Our plan is to reconnect the Don River to Lake Ontario by creating a naturalized river mouth. To do this we are embarking on one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Toronto’s history.


For more information about the planning and future development of the Port Lands and the Don Mouth Naturalization project, visit the project website at 

Quick Facts

DMNP Environmental Assessment Study Boundaries:

Eastern Avenue in the north, Ship Channel in the south, Inner Harbour in the west, and Don Roadway in the east


20 minute walk to downtown


25 hectares of publicly accessible greenspace


Over 1,000m of new river channel

Design Teams:

Port Lands Estuary Plan: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc.

Evaluating the Port Lands Flood Protection Project


The three levels of government, along with Waterfront Toronto, make up a four-party mechanism responsible for the administration and governance of the the Port Lands Flood Protection (PLFP) project. There are a number of governance committees that allow governments to oversee this work, including the Intergovernmental Steering Committee, Oversight Committee and Executive Steering Committee. Governments also regularly assess Waterfront Toronto’s performance as work on PLFP progresses.

Read Infrastructure Canada’s latest report on PLFP [LINK]

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