Accountability Officer

Waterfront Toronto has an Accountability Officer to receive and investigate complaints of wrongdoing as defined in the Corporation’s Wrongdoing Policy.


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What is an Accountability Officer?


The Accountability Officer is an independent, third-party that has been appointed to receive and investigate complaints, if any, received under the Waterfront Toronto’s Wrongdoing Policy. The Accountability Officer ensures that there is an independent party to whom members of the public and employees can voice concerns, such as:



Who is the Accountability Officer?


The Board of Directors has appointed Suzanne Craig to act as the Corporation’s Accountability Officer. With over 15 years of legal, policy and management experience in the public and private sectors, Ms. Craig has a detailed understanding of the procedures, rules and investigative processes of the various provincial and municipal agencies, boards and commissions. She has a professional background of engagement in good governance, fair information processes and social justice. Proficient with the legal principles involved in conducting investigations and natural justice, Ms. Craig has been an independent administrative tribunal agent, arbitrator and mediator in Ontario, in the areas of Labour Relations, Human Rights, Workplace Safety and Insurance, Consent and Capacity and Tenant Protection. Ms. Craig, is currently Integrity Commissioner for the City of Vaughan.


Read Suzanne Craig's bio to learn more. 


Wrongdoing Policy


Read the Corporation's Wrongdoing Policy


Investigations of Complaints of Wrongdoing


On receipt of a complaint of wrongdoing, the Accountability Officer will make an assessment of whether, from the information received, an incident of wrongdoing within the meaning of the Wrongdoing Policy has occurred and if so, will cause the complaint to be investigated as provided in the Wrongdoing Policy.


Please see the Wrongdoing Policy for any details on how any complaints may be investigated.



How do I make a complaint?


Any reports of wrongdoing (within the meaning of the Wrongdoing Policy) should be submitted directly to the Accountability Officer as follows:
Phone: 416-214-1480

Complaints of wrongdoing received by the Accountability Officer will be treated confidentially, to the fullest extent possible.