Waterfront Toronto Employment Initiative

The Waterfront Toronto Employment Initiative (WTEI) connects underemployed and unemployed Torontonians to employment and training opportunities generated by waterfront revitalization projects.

The initiative is a collective that includes the Toronto Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP), Hammer Heads, Building Opportunities for Life Today (BOLT), Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services (A.C.C.E.S), Professional Access to Employment (PAIE), Consortium of Agencies Serving International Trained Persons (CASIP), George Brown College, Dixon Hall, and the YMCA of Greater Toronto. 

This program was initiated with the support of the West Don Lands Committee (WDLC), a coalition of waterfront community associations. 

How WTEI Works


WTEI seeks to increase access to employment and training opportunities by encouraging partnering developers, contractors and consultants to participate and share job and apprenticeship opportunities as they become available.  Partners also work with the WTEI to develop customized hiring strategies and identify future employment opportunities related to Toronto’s waterfront revitalization.



How can WTEI help employers? 


Free of cost, WTEI can:

  • Recruit from a diverse – and growing – pool of qualified candidates
  • Conduct preliminary screening of candidates and match to employment opportunities for each stage of development and construction
  • Connect to networks within the employment and training services systems
  • Develop, coordinate, and manage customized approaches to recruitment

How can WTEI help job seekers?

WTEI supports job seekers through the participating service providers by:

  • Providing supported access to the diverse job opportunities generated through the projects on the waterfront.
  • Establishing pathways to employment by providing appropriate and accessible employment services through established service providers.
  • Strengthening qualifications and skills to match what the employer is looking for.
  • Building the skills required to effectively find and compete in job competitions (e.g. résumé development, interviewing, networking, company researching, etc.).
  • Where relevant and possible, building partnerships with related unions and/or professional affiliations.
  • Providing post-hire job retention support, including on-going career development supports.

WTEI helps connect employers with qualified candidates in a range of fields including:
•    Construction Trades and Labour
•    Hospitality and Tourism
•    Arts and Entertainment
•    Business
•    Retail and Customer Service
•    Information & Communication Technologies
•    Manufacturing
•    Marketing and Communications 


How to get involved?

Service Providers

If you are a non-profit or government-funded service provider and would like to be a part of the Waterfront Toronto Employment Initiative, please contact Colleen Dignam, Manager Community and Labour Market, Toronto Employment and Social Services colleen.dignam@toronto.ca.

For Employers

If you are a waterfront employer and would like to take part in the Waterfront Toronto Employment Initiative, please contact Anjuli Perera at aperera@waterfrontoronto.ca.

For Job Seekers

If you are unemployed or underemployed and feel you would benefit from the support and training offered through the Waterfront Toronto Employment Initiative, please visit WTEI Employment Opportunities System website.