Conflict of Interest

Waterfront Toronto requires full disclosure of any real or perceivable conflicts of interest.


Please be advised that as one of our Vendors, your firm is obligated to declare all Conflicts of Interest upon submitting a quote or proposal of any kind to Waterfront Toronto.

It is the expectation of Waterfront Toronto, that all participants involved in the procurement process meet the highest standards of ethics, comply with conflict of interest requirements and accountability. All participants have an ongoing obligation to disclose any actual, foreseeable or perceivable conflicts of interest to Waterfront Toronto.

All participants should read the terms and conditions of any opportunity they wish to participate in. The terms and conditions outline the protocols in place with respect to conflict of interest adherence or non-compliance.


Participants are not to communicate either directly or indirectly, with Media in relation to any ongoing RFP or contract entered into with Waterfront Toronto, without first obtaining written permission from Waterfront Toronto to do so. 


In the event that, a participant discovers that one of its team members or key personnel has a family or business relationship that may be, or be perceived to constitute a Conflict of Interest, the participant is expected to:


  1. submit a question using Waterfront Toronto’s Bonfire Portal, or however indicated in the relevant document, related to the specific opportunity and include all relevant information related to the actual or perceivable conflict of interest.
  2. If the reply confirms that the issue does not constitute a Conflict of Interest that would merit removal of the participant firm or specific individual, proceed with submitting the quote or proposal, while ensuring to identify the issue in the "Conflict of Interest" section in the "Submission Form."
  3. Take whatever steps may be necessary, if any, to resolve the Conflict of Interest.


It is worth emphasizing that the majority of Conflict of Interest disclosures do not merit removal from the procurement process.  Disclosures are merely noted as potential areas for review, as part of the Corporation's continued commitment to fairness, openness and transparency.


For more information, please refer to our Full Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest memorandum .     

Read the Full Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest (PDF)