Toronto Loves the New Cherry Street Bridge!

Cyclists ride in a separated bike lane through a yellow and white arched bridge.

The Cherry St. South bridge is the first of four new bridges to open in this Port Lands. All the bridges have a similar design, with a different colour for each location.



In October 2022, we opened the first section of the realigned Cherry Street. This section of road includes the Cherry Street South Bridge which crosses the Polson Slip-- the future location of a new mouth for the Don River.


Shifting Cherry Street to the west creates better connections with future transit on the north side of Lake Shore Boulevard, and a simpler intersection at Lake Shore Boulevard and Cherry Street. The new alignment will replace existing Cherry Street between Lake Shore Boulevard and Polson Street.


The section we opened this October is between Commissioners Street and Polson Street. We also opened an extension of Commissioners Street between existing Cherry Street and the new alignment, giving people their first glimpse of the design for the new streets in the Port Lands.


Reflecting feedback we heard during public consultations, cycling, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic have been fully separated where possible. The Cherry St. South bridge includes separated paths for cyclists and pedestrians. The bike lane is part of the Martin Goodman Trail – and this critical connection is already getting lots of action. People have been stopping along the way to share their photos of the new Toronto landmark.

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What this means for the project

A map showing the area that has already been excavated as well as the area that can now be excavated.

This #RockyRadar shows the area we can now excavate: the pink area underneath the former alignment of Cherry Street. Follow Rocky @TheRockRipper on Twitter for more construction updates.


Design Excellence

The bridge’s white arch and yellow underside have featured prominently in many people’s social media posts over the last few weeks.

Design excellence is a core tenant of Waterfront Toronto’s philosophy, and these bridges were no exception. To learn more about how we designed these new bridges, click here.

Two people walk along a wide sidewalk next to the yellow and white arch of the bridge.

The bridge features a white arch with bright yellow contrasted underneath. The large sidewalk allows pedestrians to take in the design and height of the bridge.


The bridge provides striking views of the Toronto skyline. It is also a great vantage point to watch some of the construction. Looking east, you can see parts of the new river valley that have already been dug and planted. To the west, you can already see the islands in the future Canoe Cove taking shape. You’ll be able to watch as Promontory Park South transforms from piles of soil to beautiful park!