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News Release - Construction Officially Begins On Underpass Park (May 26, 2011)

Board Meeting Presentation - Capital Approval for Underpass Park - 05-18-2011

Trolley Crescent Public Feedback Summary Report - February 17, 2021

Trolley Crescent Survey Public Feedback - Full Comments (February 2021)

Waterfront Toronto Annual Report - 2018-19

Waterfront Toronto Green Building Requirements (GBR) Version 3.0 - January 2021

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This document represents Version 3 (January 2021) of the Waterfront Toronto Green Building Requirements (GBR) (previously MGBR).
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Waterfront Toronto Integrated Annual Report 2019-20

Waterfront Toronto Rolling Five-Year Strategic Plan 2021/22 - 2025/26

Waterfront Toronto Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report (CSRSR) 2015-2017

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Reporting on our social, environmental, and economic performance helps us analyze the results of our work, deepen our impact, and fulfill our responsibility to be accountable to the people we work for
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