the western beaches watercourse

Western Beaches Watercourse

Quick Facts


West of Ontario Place fronting on Marilyn Bell Park.


600 metre long (500 metre long racing lanes with staging areas at either end), 135 metre wide watercourse

Project included::

Approximately 600 metres of breakwater and removal of existing breakwater; Constructed aquatic habitat at Marilyn Bell Park and Ontario Place.

Western Beaches Watercourse is a 'flat water' training and competition centre for rowing and paddling. The watercourse was created to enable the City of Toronto to host the 2006 International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championships. Built by Waterfront Toronto and Toronto and Region Conservation the multi-sport watercourse located west of Ontario Place fronting on Marilyn Bell Park was completed in June 2006.


The project delivered a 600 metre long and 135 metre wide watercourse and included the creation of approximately 650 metres of new breakwater. The watercourse hosted the International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championships from August 8-13, 2006. Since the competition, the facility has become a permanent city-owned training and competition venue for Toronto's rowing and paddling community.


The public, regulatory agencies and stakeholders were engaged throughout the planning and development of the site. A Construction Liaison Committee, composed of agency and stakeholder representatives, was formed to respond to issues identified throughout implementation.