Statement from Waterfront Toronto on the Digital Strategy Advisory Panel (DSAP)

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In April, 2018, Waterfront Toronto assembled Canada’s leading experts on digital technology, privacy and governance. Waterfront Toronto’s Digital Strategy Advisory Panel’s (DSAP) mandate is to help guide the Corporation on how best to incorporate data privacy, digital systems, and the safe and ethical use of new technologies in the next phase of waterfront revitalization, most specifically at Quayside.

“We are committed to helping shape the future of data and digital policy in Canada, and I will be working with Waterfront Toronto and my fellow panel members to make sure that the DSAP can achieve what it set out to do, namely to provide expert advice on emerging issues related to privacy and data ownership” said Interim Chair Michael Geist. “The panel is in its early days and now is the time to get it right.” Geist added.

“We are unwavering in our commitment to serving the public interest and look forward to receiving the advice of the panel.” said Michael Nobrega, Acting CEO of Waterfront Toronto. “We are also well supported by external privacy and legal experts including a former Federal Privacy Commissioner, and continue to welcome the comments and interest of a broad base of community members.”

The next meeting of the DSAP will be October 18, 2018.

Media Contact:

Cameron MacKay
Vice President, Strategic Communications & Engagement
Waterfront Toronto