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June 16


7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Port Lands Soil Recycling Pilot Facility Public Meeting

Join Waterfront Toronto on June 16th from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Toronto Fire Academy on Eastern Ave. for a presentation on the Soil Recycling Pilot Facility. The presentation will provide an update on the status of the project, as well as an overview of the technologies that will be employed in the Soil Recycling Pilot. Much of Toronto’s waterfront was constructed by filling in parts of Lake Ontario with materials that are considered contaminated by current standards. Impacted soils are currently widespread throughout the Designated Waterfront Area. Conventional treatment of contaminated soil is to “dig and dump”, a practice that simply transfers the contaminants and problem to another location. As part of our sustainability objectives, Waterfront Toronto wants to use the latest and best technologies to wherever possible treat and reuse soil rather than "digging and dumping". The purpose of the soil recycling facility is to treat soils near their source, divert soils from landfill, and provide a source of treated soil that can be used in the revitalization of the waterfront. The pilot facility will allow Waterfront Toronto to identify the range of treatment options and costs of remediating soil; to confirm that impacted soil can be treated to standards required to support revitalization activities; and to showcase treatment technologies. The pilot will also enable us to better assess the effectiveness and economic performance of the technologies and optimize operational features before committing to a full-scale facility.


Toronto Fire Academy - 895 Eastern Avenue





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