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cherry beach sports fields

Two state-of-the-art sports fields are helping meet the high demand for playing fields in Toronto.

In September 2008, Waterfront Toronto officially opened the Cherry Beach Sports Fields. The two regulation-sized elite soccer and lacrosse fields help meet the high demand for playing fields in Toronto and are in keeping with Waterfront Toronto’s mandate to expand recreational opportunities on the waterfront. The state-of-the-art fields can accommodate a wide range of recreational activities including field hockey, football and ultimate Frisbee in addition to soccer and lacrosse.


The fields were built through a partnership between Waterfront Toronto, the City of Toronto, and the Toronto Port Lands Company (formerly TEDCO). The two fields are regulation sized and help serve residents of Toronto and the GTA while reclaiming underutilized land.


The artificial playing surfaces offer premium level playing facilities, are available for intensive use through an extended playing season and have a life-expectancy of 20-25 years. The artificial surfaces are uniquely effective in addressing soil remediation through the use of capping while providing low maintenance surfaces.


The project included the construction of the two new fields, a children's playground, and the necessary amenities to support them. The project also incorporated a new planting program that introduced a diverse and sustainable plant community of native species and enhancements to the existing natural grove areas. A planted bioswale and a wetland zone were integrated within the overall planting and soils remediation program to address onsite drainage.




When the fields first opened in 2008, Waterfront Toronto provided temporary toilet facilities to accommodate field users. In order to better support the popular waterfront amenity, a permanent enclosed washroom facility was built and opened in May 2012. The seasonal facility is located at the north end of the fields. The new washrooms feature accessible stalls, a baby change table and water bottle filling station.


The washroom facility was designed by Montgomery Sisam Architects with an emphasis on sustainability and durability. The building is naturally lit by a generous skylight while large open air wood screens promote cross ventilation. Large overhangs on the corrugated metal roof are designed to keep out the elements while still allowing air into the building. Ease of maintenance and durability were heavily considered when selecting materials and finishes.


A large sliding perforated metal gate performs a dual purpose as both a security gate that can be locked at night and a way finding tool through the display of laser cut metal men’s and women’s figures. Buffed concrete masonry walls have been treated with an anti-graffiti coating, and ample exterior lighting provides added security as does the building's location. The site was thoughtfully considered to provide sight-lines from all fields for parents watching their children.


For more information about the planning and future development of the Port Lands and the Don Mouth Naturalization project, visit PortLandsTO.ca

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quick facts

Location: The sports fields can be accessed by entering via Unwin Ave. on the far south east side of Regatta Rd.


Parking: Parking is located at 115 Unwin Avenue, on the western edge of the fields.


Design Teams: EnVision (sport fields) and Montgomery Sisam Architects (washrooms)


Soil: 30,000 cubic metres of contaminated soil was removed and replaced with 100,000 cubic metres of clean soil.

Safe Lighting: The lighting system was designed to not disrupt migratory birds flying overhead (there is no light cast off or light spillage into the sky). In addition to only illuminating the fields, the lighting also extends play hours.


Planting: 554 trees were removed and in their place several thousand whips, shrubs and trees were planted.


Environmental Suitability: Synthetic artificial turf, including turf that contains recycled rubber was used for the surface of the fields. An additional benefit is the added bounce provided by the surface.

To Reserve Playing Time:

Please visit the City of Toronto’s website or call the City of Toronto information service 311 for more information on obtaining a permit.



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