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There are numerous ways individuals and organizations can be a part of our new blue edge


Toronto’s waterfront transformation is the largest urban redevelopment project in North America and one of the largest waterfront revitalization initiatives in the world. The project, which is expected to take 25 to 30 years to complete, is an economic growth driver for our city, province and country. Investments made to date in waterfront revitalization have already realized considerable economic returns that support job creation and contribute to the growth of our local, provincial and national economies.


diverse spectrum of opportunities


The revitalization of Toronto's waterfront offers a diverse spectrum of business, living, relocation and employment opportunities.


Waterfront revitalization will deliver enduring economic benefits including significant employment, private investment and tourism spending. Once completed, Toronto’s waterfront will be home to some 40,000 new residential housing units and will support additionally approximately 40,000 new jobs. Approximately 30 percent of waterfront lands to be revitalized will be set aside for commercial purposes.


Waterfront Toronto establishes and leverages valuable partnerships across the private and public sectors that advance our bold vision for revitalization and offers profitable opportunities for others to be part of Toronto’s new blue edge.

When the organization was established in 2001, the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto each committed $500 million as an initial investment. The government partners also entrusted Waterfront Toronto with control over the lands they own in the area. This allows Waterfront Toronto to work with private sector development partners who buy the land for development, and the money earned is used to fund public infrastructure costs.

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