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Open Letter from Waterfront Toronto Board Chair, Stephen Diamond

To all members of the public interested in the future of Toronto’s waterfront:

Waterfront Toronto has been advised that Sidewalk Labs will be providing us with their proposed Master Innovation Development Plan (MIDP) shortly.

I am writing now to tell you about the public process that Waterfront Toronto will follow to develop its response to the MIDP prepared by Sidewalk Labs.

Along with you, Waterfront Toronto’s Board, staff, and independent consultants will review Sidewalk Labs’ proposed plan to determine under which conditions, if any, it could work for Toronto.

As part of this process, Waterfront Toronto will:

  • Make the proposed MIDP available to the public within one week of receiving it.
  • Consult the public on the proposed MIDP. We will hold the first round of consultation within four weeks of receiving it.
  • All feedback received will be rigorously documented and shared publicly.

We know that a number of concerns and cautions have been raised about this project and that there are many voices that want to be heard and considered.  It is Waterfront Toronto’s responsibility to act in the public interest.  We take this responsibility extremely seriously and we know that you are relying on us to fulfill it rigorously. We are committed to working with all of you to do exactly that.




Stephen Diamond
Chairman of the Board of Directors Waterfront Toronto

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Open Letter from Waterfront Toronto Board Chair, Stephen Dia
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