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Transition to Two-Way Vehicular Traffic Operations on Queens Quay - June 1 to 10

The transition back to two-way vehicular traffic operations on Queens Quay will commence on Monday June 1, 2015. From that day until June 10, eight Queens Quay intersections with the new traffic controllers and associated signal lights will be commissioned. The transition will commence from the east at Bay St. and work west to Lower Spadina Ave. and Yo-Yo Ma Lane. By June 10, it is anticipated that two-way traffic operations will be fully commissioned for the entire Queens Quay Revitalization project site.

Drivers should expect the transition from one-way to two-way traffic on Queens Quay will take place as follows:

  • Bay Street – signals operational Monday June 1
  • York Street - signals operational Tuesday June 2
  • Queens Quay Terminal - signals operational Wednesday June 3
  • Lower Simcoe Street - signals operational Thursday June 4
  • Robertson Crescent East - signals operational Friday June 5
  • Rees/Robertson Crescent West - signals operational Saturday June 6
  • HTO Park / EMS - signals operational Monday June 8
  • Spadina, TTC Loop & Crossover (Yo-Yo Ma) - signals operational Wednesday June 10

The sequence of work at each intersection each day, is as follows:

  • Beacon Utility crews will arrive at 7:30am, along with Paid Duty Officers (PDOs) –.
  • The intersection traffic signal lights will be powered off, and existing wiring connections terminated.
  • Crews will begin to remove the traffic controller cabinets, and place the new programmed controller cabinets in their place.
  • Crews will begin to reconnect all new wiring and electrical connections from the handwells, controllers, and traffic signal poles.
  • Crews will energize the new traffic controllers, and verify the new timing programs. They will reenergize the new traffic signal lights, and run multiple verification tests.
  • All pedestrians and vehicular traffic should ignore these signals and obey the PDOs working the intersection.
  • Once all tests have been completed and verified, the new controllers and intersection signal lights will be commissioned.
  • This sequence of work will require 4-6 hours to complete each day. The permanent traffic controllers and signal lights should be fully operational by the end of each day.

Blue Jays games (vs. Houston) are scheduled for June 5/6/7. The Rees/Robertson and Queens Quay intersection may see higher volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic during those days. PDOs will be posted to help alleviate congestion during game day/hours.

Waterfront Toronto completed extensive testing for the controllers. Signals are nearly all installed and controller installation is underway. We do not anticipate any delays to the above schedule. Should any complications occur, we will issue a second notice.


For more detailed information about specific intersections and important daily changes, refer to this special construction notice.

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Transition to Two-Way Vehicular Traffic Operations on Queens
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