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construction officially begins on phase 2 mimico waterfront park

Toronto – Waterfront Toronto and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) together with the Governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto officially launched construction of the final phase of Mimico Waterfront Park today.

Located on the shore of Lake Ontario in Etobicoke, Mimico Waterfront Park connects people to the water across a lakefront area that historically has lacked public access to the waterfront.  When completed in 2012 the park will provide 1.1 kilometer of linear waterfront park space between Norris Crescent Parkette and Humber Bay Park West.

Waterfront Toronto opened the first 600 meter western portion of the park in 2008. The final 500 meters of linear park will enable Torontonians to enjoy the lakefront west of Humber Bay Park West for the first time and will provide the missing link in the city’s waterfront trail system.

“As Federal Minister responsible for the GTA and the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Initiative, I am pleased once again that our government is part of this remarkable transformation along Toronto’s lakeshore,” said Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. “When completed, Mimico Waterfront Park will be an inviting and open community hub that will make a vital contribution to the overall prosperity and lifestyles of the residents and businesses of the waterfront.”

“We know that when we invest in Toronto’s waterfront we will see tangible returns.  At the same time, the investment in Mimico Waterfront Park will act as a catalyst for the local economy,” said Bernard Trottier, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke—Lakeshore.  “It is good to see this proud community along our waterfront evolving into the vibrant, exciting destination it deserves to be.”

"Today's official start of Phase Two of the redevelopment of Mimico Waterfront Park is exciting for the residents and businesses of Etobicoke-Lakeshore who have always appreciated our community’s unique location, public spaces and access to the waterfront trails and parks,”  said Laurel Broten, MPP, Etobicoke-Lakeshore. "Moving forward with Mimico Waterfront Park is a key element of our strategy to revitalize and strengthen our lakeshore community and ensure that this wonderful natural legacy will be appreciated by families for generations to come.”

"Mimico Waterfront Park is an important local asset that enhances and strengthens the local community," said Mark Grimes, Councillor for Etobicoke-Lakeshore. "Phase Two is the missing link that will extend and connect the waterfront and improve access for all park users. It will also provide an economic boost to local businesses by attracting visitors and additional investment in the area."

Mimico Waterfront Park is an important asset in enhancing and strengthening the local community. Mimico is a community that the City of Toronto has targeted for revitalization;  creating more and better waterfront park space is one of the strategies the City has identified to help attract investment in the area.

“One of Waterfront Toronto’s primary objectives is to leverage investment in parks and public spaces to deliver key economic and social benefits,” said Mark Wilson, Chair, Waterfront Toronto. “The investment in Mimico Waterfront Park will deliver far more than much needed waterfront public space. It is also a catalyst for re-invigorating the local economy.”

The first phase of the park has been well received and well used by local residents since it opened in 2008.  The new park has also helped attract new businesses and residents to Mimico. The final phase of the project is expected to help further revitalize the area.

TRCA is an integral partner for Waterfront Toronto in the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront and is responsible for the planning and building of the park.

“Mimico Waterfront Park was planned and designed by the citizens of this community for the use and enjoyment of the citizens of this community.  We are proud to have worked beside our local stakeholders toward the revitalization in this historic part of the city” said Brian Denney, Chief Administrative Officer of TRCA.

As with all Waterfront Toronto projects, sustainability is a key feature of Mimico Waterfront Park.  The park was designed with the native ecology of the area in mind and it includes features that benefit residents as well as the local aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

The second phase of the park builds east from the first phase and will provide linear water’s edge public space that connects existing local parks. The park is being constructed through a lakefilling process along a narrow section of the existing shoreline.

Phase Two begins at Superior Avenue in the west and extends the waterfront trail and public waterfront access to Humber Bay Park West in the east. The park’s features include an additional 500 metres of waterfront trail, 250 metres of cantilevered pedestrian boardwalk, a separate multi-use trail located along the backshore that provides cycling and in-line skating access adjacent to the boardwalk, small pockets of wetland habitat, landscaping and park lighting.

The total project budget for Mimico Waterfront Park is $18.6 million dollars of which $6.9 million has been committed by the City of Toronto, $6.2 million by the Province of Ontario and $5.5 million by the Government of Canada. The budget for the second phase of Mimico Waterfront Park is $8.4 million.
Waterfront Toronto has made major strides in revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront. In addition to building and improving 17 parks and public spaces, Waterfront Toronto has finalized development agreements with Great Gulf Group of Companies, Urban Capital and Hines for private sector projects on the waterfront, as well as with George Brown College for the development of their new state-of-the-art Health Sciences campus.

The Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto created Waterfront Toronto to oversee and lead the renewal of Toronto’s waterfront. Public accessibility, design excellence, sustainable development, economic development and fiscal sustainability are the key drivers of waterfront revitalization.

Media Contact:
Tari Stork, Manager, Project Communications, Waterfront Toronto
T: 416-214-1344 x 279 / C: 416-414-1577 / tstork@waterfrontoronto.ca

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construction officially begins on phase 2 mimico waterfront
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