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You can view a range of documents that relate to our policies in regards to such issues as Code of Conduct, Gifts, Disclosure, Procurement, Public Board Meeting, and Design Review Panel By-Laws.

The corporation has created a number of policies and practices that have established a framework that provides the public and media with access to a significant amount of information about waterfront revitalization. This framework has been established without any legal requirements to do so, demonstrating that public access to information is not a matter of compliance for Waterfront Toronto but in fact a key part of how the corporation conducts its business.


open meeting policy


The Waterfront Toronto Board of Directors enacted By-law #2 which sets out the policies and procedures for open board and committee meetings. Included in this by-law are provisions for board and board committee meeting notification and accessing meeting minutes. In practice this has meant posting meeting agendas on the corporation's website the day briefing binders are circulated to directors and posting minutes once they are approved. Waterfront Toronto also posts all PowerPoint presentations delivered during board meetings on the corporation's website following the meeting.


accessing information from board meetings 


  • Board and committee agendas are posted on the Waterfront Toronto website the week prior to each meeting.
  • An update on milestones and activities for major waterfront projects is provided by the CEO at each board meeting and a report is posted on the Waterfront Toronto website after each meeting.
  • Current construction photos are presented at each board meeting and posted on the Waterfront Toronto website after each meeting.
  • Presentations made at board meetings are posted on the Waterfront Toronto website following the meetings.
  • Quarterly and year-end financial statements are tabled at board meetings and year-end audited financial statements are posted on the website once approved.
  • Board and committee meeting minutes are posted on the Waterfront Toronto website after they have been approved, usually following the next meeting.
  • The CEO and/or the board Chair are available to speak to the media immediately following board meetings.


code of conduct policy


Our code of conduct of the Corporation forms part of the overall policy framework that governs the Corporation’s business operations. It sets out the standards of behaviour that the Corporation requires its directors, officers and employees to meet. 


disclosure of wrongdoing policy

Our disclosure of Wrongdoing policy ensures that employees, stakeholders and members of the public can voice concerns about questionable financial matters, unethical business conduct, violations of provincial or federal law, danger to health and safety or damage to property without fear of reprisal or discipline.


Waterfront Toronto has an Accountability Officer to receive and investigate complaints of wrongdoing as defined in the Corporation’s Wrongdoing Policy.


closed meeting investigations

In order to provide an independent review of Waterfront Toronto’s Board and Board Committee’s open meeting performance, Waterfront Toronto has appointed an Investigator to conduct investigations if there is a complaint about a closed meeting. Learn more here.


freedom of information policy

Our freedom of information policy lays out the method the public can use to request access to information that is under the control of Waterfront Toronto, including what types of information are exempt.  


disclosure of board and management expenses

The public disclosure of expenses is an important part of government’s commitment to protect taxpayer dollars, improve transparency and increase accountability.  Visit our expense disclosure page to learn more.


list of policies



learn more


accountability officer

annual reports, financial statements and corporate plans

disclosure of board and management expenses

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