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Major Queens Quay Revitalization Construction Milestone

8, October 2014
The 509 Harbourfront streetcar will resume service from Union Station along Queens Quay to Exhibition Station this Thanksgiving weekend. The resumption of service on Sunday, October 12, will officially mark the completion of TTC-related construction activities on Queens Quay.
News Release: Media Kit Available

Revised Notice of Completion on Waterfront Sanitary Sewer Servicing Master Plan

11, September 2014
The City of Toronto completed the Waterfront Sanitary Master Servicing Study (Class EA) in October 2012 to ensure that the necessary sanitary sewer infrastructure is in place in the Study Area to service strong development growth along Toronto’s waterfront. In summer 2013, the City transferred implementation of part of the overall project to Waterfront Toronto

Public Comment Invited on the Waterfront Sanitary Sewer Servicing Master Plan

13, August 2014
Since completion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, development planning for the East Bayfront and North Keating Area precincts has advanced and projected sewage flows have increased. Based on these constraints and the increased projected sewage flows, a new servicing solution was needed. Additional alternative solutions were identified and evaluated resulting in modifications to the recommended solution in the Study.

Lower Yonge Precinct Plan Update

7, August 2014
On August 12, the City of Toronto will provide an update on the Lower Yonge Precinct Plan to Toronto and East York Community Council. Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto have completed two studies which create the foundation for the Lower Yonge Precinct Plan: an Urban Design Report: Principles and Recommendations and a Transportation Master Plan Environmental Assessment (Phases 1 and 2).

Waterfront Toronto is Accountable and Transparent

17, July 2014
Waterfront Toronto is directly accountable to two Ministers: the Federal Minister of Finance and for the GTA and the Provincial Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure. Municipally, Waterfront Toronto is accountable directly to City Council. Each government has four appointees on Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors, including a seat for the Mayor.

Letter of Support for Waterfront Toronto’s President and CEO

17, July 2014
John Campbell has the full confidence of the Board as the President and CEO of Waterfront Toronto.